José Morea

José Morea (Chiva, Valencia, 1951 - 2020) was one of the most relevant artists on the Valencian creative scene, a key figure in the renewal of the pictorial language in the last third of the last century, and defender of a variety of styles, nomadic as he has been classified. "... I don't feel like leveraging somewhere and being that person you are always expected to be, I have to be what I want to be." (José Morea to Chimo Lara. Catalog exhibition Grito Gallery. Barcelona, ​​1985) probably is the best definition for his work.


The freedom to live and the freedom to paint, the fury for life and the fury for painting. But Morea's way of painting, in a very Valencian tradition of clear-line comics, which is also that of traditional illustration, didn’t use somber tones or direct painting, but, like Adami or Lidner, started from the drawing that then it would fill with color. There is a kind of confluence between Morea's life and work, as if both ended up being the same thing, or at least had a dialectic between them that made it impossible to try to understand one without the other.


His work forms part of museums and public collections such as the Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid), Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona - Barcelona, ​​IVAM (Valencia), Museum of Contemporary Art (Recife, Brazil), Museum of Contemporary Art of Bagheria (Sicily ), Coca-Cola Foundation (Madrid) or Fundación Telefónica (Madrid) among many others.