Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa is one of the most internationally renowned Spanish artists. Various formats are used to reflect not only formal content of artistic creation, such as those concerning volume, space, geometry, the behavior of forms, etc., but also to print in his works a symbolic and conceptual treatment when he is working on issues such as memory, the passage of time, the human being as individuality, beauty, silence, uncertainty ... In this case we can see all these contexts in his work on paper. 

Noe II belongs to a series of works on paper made by the artist in the late eighties and early nineties. For an artist accustomed to large dimensions, these works assume a more intimate character. The treatment of the surface is similar to that used with the paint, because he knows the materials with which it works and knows how far it must go to obtain the same qualities as if the support were a canvas, and enough material to print volume to the lines and forms and grant a sculptural purpose to the work. In Noe II we can appreciate perspective, depth and solidity in matter. We observe a wall that, thanks to the treatment of the line, seems to move towards us; in the center of it the word NOE is equally dense and reiterates Plensa's use of letters and numbers, the power of words and figures as symbols of life. The sculptural intention is also seen in the colors used, Jaume Plensa has created a surface that simulates a metal embossed inside and turned into a wall, and here another of the artist's interests emerges: architecture, the relationship between urban space and man in all its dimensions.