Horacio Sapere

Horacio Sapere (Buenos Aires, 1951) lives and works in Mallorca since 1974 and since 2011 has a studio in New York. Artist who throughout his career worked in various media, initially developed his creative process through theater and performance (1970-1980), later his vocabulary transformed towards visual poetry (1976-1982) and finally committed himself to the painting and sculpture.


At the beginning of the eighties, his painting rejected figurative contents and opted for abstraction, confirming a clear three-dimensional vocation from the incorporation of mirrors, cardboard and material elements, at the same time that he introduced moving parts that favored a process of magical recreation of certain areas beyond everyday reality.


He has had exhibitions in capitals such as Cairo, Vienna and Warsaw, as well as participation in group exhibitions and participation in major contemporary art fairs. His work is part of museum and private collections.