Dennis Hollingsworth

The painting of Dennis Hollingsworth (Los Angeles, USA, 1956) is definitely unique. In his early years, he is contextualized in the framework of the new expressionism of the American West Coast.

Hollingsworth's paintings have a sculptural quality and a low relief; he achieves this effect trough the technique 'alla prima', without corrections or glazes. By using this technique, he defines not only his art language but also his personality, which is intelligent, expressive, gestural, self-confident and powerful. In addition, he employs clean strokes thorough, which the painting becomes a living body.

His work forms part of museums and public collections such as MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, USA). Hollingsworth’s first appearance in Spain was in Miguel Marcos Gallery with the exhibition 'Constellations' (2006). Nowadays his work is renowned after the success in his last exhibition and takes part into the collection of Pérez Art Museum of Miami (Miami, USA).