Cristóbal Ortega

Cristóbal Ortega (Málaga, Spain, 1970) lives and works between Beijing and Malaga. He studied architecture at the University of Sevilla, then dedicated to painting professionally since the 90s. In 2010, after an exhibition at the Cervantes Institute in Beijing, he decided to settle in China.

His work is characterized by the successional representation of pictorial notes of different stamps and forms, harmonized like an attractive score. His particular pictorial conception results works in which masses of oil are abundant in reverse — a technique of permeating, namely, the transpiration of the oil through the thin layers of linen. The colour mingles and interacts, creating synergies and movements. Curling liquid brushstrokes in an universe that announces a change. The essence of his works stems from the harmonization of opponents, of momentum and containment, of expression and formality, of substance and form, of what lies deep and what moves on the surface, as Deleuze called, the haptic.